Linux Is Everywhere

Linux Solutions Everywhere

Educating yourself is the most important thing you will ever do in your life, finding a topic that interests you is only part of the battle.

Unlike other operating systems that provide limited capabilities and cost a substantial amount of money every time a new release comes out, Linux operating systems in most part are completely free of charge.

There are some Linux variants that require payment of some kind but they are soon berried beneath the vast quantity of free and open source variants that will do the same or even more at no charge.

Old Computers

Do you still have that old computer that you packed away a few years back? providing that its hardware is still in working condition and that it has a CPU, you can breathe new life into it.

There are several free Linux variants that will allow you to re-condition it for other purposes like another Desktop, Network Server, Fire Wall, DNS Server or what ever you like.

With several options available you can create just about any thing you like from an older computer, maybe just a simple network storage.

New Computers

Do you want to build a new state of the art computer? well there are free variations of Linux just for that as well.

Imagine the cost of building a new computer, now add the cost of a new operating system on top of that. Using a Linux variant will save you a few hundred dollars that you can in turn put back into your new computer.

Ultimately providing you with a better quality computer then you would have had to begin with as the end result.

Home Computing

Perhaps you are simply tired of the poorly tested rush to marked releases that some operating systems push out every couple of years only to make their net profits rise.

When installing a Linux-based rolling release variant, you only need to install it one time and then after time simply install a few updates. completely eliminating the need to reinstall your system over and again.

Linux will only update your machine when told to, unlike other operating systems that want to control ever aspect of your user experience. Linux your way is how it is supposed to be.

Business Solutions

Do you pay for third-party solutions such as database, billing, payroll, how about customer data, well a Linux Server is the way to go.

There are several free open source options available you can easy deploy your own Linux Server that will be more than capable of handling all these tasks and more.

Trusting a web-based application is becoming more and more risky now a days, from hospitals to the grocery store right down the road, they all do it.


Are you a teacher working with a tight budget, imagine if you could remove the cost of the operating system’s from your budget entirely.

This can free up quite a bit of money, allowing you to purchase more hardware, yes there are even variants aimed directly at classroom.

Allowing the teacher to view every students screen directly from a single terminal can speed things up drastically.

This eliminates the need of the neck straining over head projectors, the messy chalkboard and teach the class right from your desktop.

Educational software that is designed by the open source communities aimed directly at this type of situations.


Did you know that even large-scale production industries are included in this equation, Machine Shops, Plastic Plants, Paper mills and Warehouses, there is even a few Linux variants available just for managing and automating any type of machinery.

Allowing one to cut the costs every where, cutting costs where you can is the name of the game when working in production, ultimately creating less overhead and more profit.

Managing and maintaining critical systems for a small to large scaled operation can be achieved with Linux, it’s not how hard you work but how well you work hard.

Hobbyist & Development

Single board computers are used for all kinds of things from 3D printers to remote-controlled vehicles to drones of all types and sizes, there is a new breed of hobbyists rising in this day and age.

Using one of the many small form factored computers that are available today, which are about the size of a credit card or bigger and can run A Linux variant, this can become quite a powerful device that allows the designer full control over every aspect of any project.

Walking, rolling, floating or flying, when designing a new never seen before creation and bringing it to life with a Linux-based development board, the thrill has never been better, technology is becoming faster and smaller making the possibilities almost endless.

Every where you look there is probably some form of Linux operating system controlling, monitoring or maintaining it. You are only limited to your imagination when it comes to any combination of the devices that Linux can manage and control.