Old Computers

Just about very one has an old computer lying around some where, sitting in the bottom of a closet or packed away in the attic, perhaps down in your basement, you probably never got rid of it because it still worked, the operating system was just out dated, well there is a few Linux variations that will bring it back to life and keep it secure while you are using it. Providing it is not to archaic and at least has a CPU, it may be worth looking into re-purposing it for the kids to use, maybe set it up in the rec room and put a few games on it. There are several things you could do with it actually, here is a list of a few Linux Distributions that you can use on older computers.


  1. Linux Mint
  2. Debian
  3. elementary OS
  4. Zorin OS
  5. CentOS
  6. Ubuntu MATE
  7. deepin
  8. LXLE
  9. Lubuntu
  10. Puppy Linux
  11. Linux Lite