Linux Propaganda

A collaborated effort to helping the new user and the more advanced users alike, making the transition to Linux.

With many distributions available a new user may become quickly overwhelmed with all the new terms and computer jargon. We are pleased to take any suggestions or requests regarding the site or any tutorials, We work very hard to make sure that the information on this site is accurate and up to date.

While we are trying to bring Linux to every one we simply don’t care to keep track of any user other than simple page hits, allowing us to see the tutorial popularity, allowing us to focus on the more popular topics. We don’t do this for money or will we ever place any type of rolling advertisements on this site, though we may place a static advertisement from time to time supporting any sponsors on the main page only.

If you would like to sponsor this website we are looking for a more permanent hosting service and would prefer a dedicated machine without any type of c-panel for it is simply to insecure and often times it becomes unreliable. We wish to be a professional source of information to be freely shared with every one and wish to maintain a certain level of service.

We may offer in the future other platforms such as Windows and Apple if any one is interested in becoming an author please contact us, you must have extensive knowledge with both the platform (Windows or Apple) you are writing for and the internal usage of WordPress.

Though this site is still quite young we do have plans on adding information and tutorials about individual Open Source software, which is often times cross compiled for all three major platforms, we DO NOT and WILL NOT endorse any type of payment services or proprietary software in any of our tutorials.