Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is a distribution that is aimed towards network services such as web sites, databases and other applications that may be required to be accessed by several workstations or even the world wide web, although with many different types of servers available that will do many different things, they all basically do the same thing, that is to provide data and resources to external connections be it on the local network or the web, setting up a server can be a complex and tedious task depending on the administrators abilities and knowledge of several aspects of web deployment, security, databases, operating system specific requirements of the clients that will be using the accessing the individual services that will be provided by the server. While there is no one size fits all category for a server, Ubuntu Server is rather easy to setup and deploy, once installed you can customize it to your needs and liking, with access to many different software based tools and services, installing software is simple with an Internet connection and some basic know how any one can get a local network server up and running in as little as an hour or so, depending on the hardware that is being used. The Ubuntu Server is definitely among the easiest server to setup and deploy for aether development or commercial and private uses, with lots of documentation covering several aspects of setting up a custom Ubuntu Server one can easily become well knowledge on the subject.