Minetest is a game similar to Minecraft, which was started with the goal of taking the survival multi player aspect of game play in a slightly different direction.
The game is still in development, but as of now the game doesn’t really differ much from Minecraft except for a few key technical aspects. The games creator, celeron55, is writing the game in C++ and therefore the game does not have the same technical limitations that Minecraft does. It means that unlike most games, Minetest has absolutely no height or depth limits. This means that you could have a castle in the sky 30km above the surface, so far up that you can barely even see the ground anymore. It means that you can dig for miles into the earth, and still not scratch the surface. It means the possibility of airships miles above the ground on multi player PvP servers, or submarines in the deepest ocean ever seen in a video game. And having mods has open the game up to a whole new realm of possibility! It has the potential to be much better than Minecraft and comes in two flavors, Stable and the Development version, for the latest and greatest experience possible with Minetest it is recommended that you try out the Development version however you may be required to compile it for you machine from the source code.